Tata Blue Scope Steel – Durashine

DURASHINE ® is a range of Roof products by Tata BlueScope Building Products. The range offers products like Roof sheets

Gutter & Ridge

Gutter & Ridge – Plain ridge is a sheet which is mainly used for roofing purposes in several commercial

Tata – Shaktee

Tata Shaktee is Tata Steel’s flagship brand in the field of galvanized corrugated sheets. Launched in the year 2000


Tata Steel, said that all actions of Tata Steel were focused on enhancing specific customer satisfaction. Galvano


Welcome To Mangla Sons

Here, every collar delivers a brand and ever hand delivers a world.

Precision, flexibility and customized Services are the distinguishing features of Mangla Sons. Being modern and most efficient steel service centre in India, we cater our zeal from ever learning spheres like Developing Great Listening ability, Delivering Result oriented Promises, Prompt and Effective Complaint tackling approach, Ever helping and considerate and always staying positively energetic to travel extra mile for solutions and growth.

Chronicle of hardship, joint venture of vision and fulfillment and priority to passion had assisted emerged Mangla Sons to emerge as a Corporate among distribution channel. 1984, a crucial year when Punjab and Chandigarh started rewriting a new phase to its Glorious and one of most Prosperous state of India

Product Promotion Activity

Tata shaktee old rip rennovation

OLD RIP RENNOVATIONAT UTTAM CHAND & CO. In Gaggal ,Distt-Kangra, Himachal Pradesh .

Panchayat Loyalty Awards

Four Panchayat meets at -Ladhbhrol, Gram Panchayat, Garam Panchyat and Garam Panchyat Padhuin .