A conceptual product of Tata Steel Construction Solution Initiative is an attempt to offer an affordable housing solution for small cities where residential land is still available for having an independent house or an office of any sort.

It’s a saying among locals of every region of India that if any one who builds his house or manages a marriage ceremony, he becomes most practical professional to do the same again or guide others.

Indeed a lot of efforts, calculations, bargaining and learning is required in the process. Almost like entering a new profession, which becomes quite a disquiet and worriment for most people. Nest-in , a prefabricated housing solution was conceptualized considering all such local conditions and Indian weathers. A modular house with very current architectural & construction technology is been introduced by Tata Corporate to cater the same.

We wish you to elevate yourself by developing an ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change, and the very first change comes from the decision where you home yourself.

Buildings constructed using prefab technologies have a life span of 30-50 years, equivalent to the life span of structures using conventional methods. Considering a life of structure, nest-in is indeed a money saving venture. It gives rather better performance as nest-in is been manufactured to stricter norms reducing the number of manufacturing defects given the strong quality checks that can be put in place.

Nest in Cross Section

Opening up new horizons in the application of steel!

Tata Steel Flat Products Division has established market leadership in Steel Roofing in India over the past decade, through its brand Tata Shaktee. Tata Steel has pioneered many new initiatives to benefit its consumers through various product & service innovations. In keeping with the same spirit of innovation and to reach out to the rural mass in terms of a better place to live, the company has now come up with an affordable yet good quality construction solution for its customers: NEST-IN

The house can be built in 9 days and is comfortable, durable and has better aesthetics as compared to the kuccha (non-permanent) houses the villagers presently live in. It has been developed by the combined effort of Global R&D team at India & Europe and the Marketing team in India. The NEST-IN is a light gauge steel frame construction solution, made of cold rolled high strength galvanised steel, which offer high seismic resistance. The construction is thermally insulated by means of insulation between the internal and external rendering made of cement particle boards. Moreover, the steel used in the house is 100% recyclable.

NEST-IN is eco-friendly in the sense that the construction process is almost dry and does not waste resources or pollute the environment to the extent the conventional building methods do.

Nest in applications

Our construction solution is ideal for usages like:

Residential Houses: The Nest-In house has a wide application as a residential house. There are predefined layouts for housing purposes which you can choose and modify as per your requirement.

Shops: The Nest-In layout of NEST200 can be used as a shop with a 200sq. ft. covered area. Also, other layouts can be converted into shops if the area needed is higher.

Site Ofices: The most popular usage is that of a site ofice, as this acts as a temporary structure and can be moved to another location when needed at a much reduced cost.

Guard Huts: The NEST200 can be used as the guard but with 2 windows and a main door. This option has a partition in between, which creates 2 rooms of equal sizes inside the house.

Community Centres: The Nest-In house is a good solution for a community centre and has been implemented in various villages.

Cafeteria: The Nest-In housing solution can be turned into a cafeteria, with the 350sq. t. layout. The inner room can be utilised as a kitchen, and the hall as the sitting area.

Aanganwadi: In Bihar, a few Aanganwadi’s have been built using the NEST350-V, with a separate kitchen and toilet. This is a proven solution for Aanganwadi.

Medical Centres: Our solution can be used to erect medical centres in the middle of nowhere and in much less time than a conventional one. It saves both time and energy and is usable in a week’s time.


Tata Brand: A symbol of Trust

The trust and assurance of quality with the Tata Brand is unquestionable. The design is from the table of our Global Research & Development team in UK specifically made for India as per the Euro Code 3, which conforms to mechanical resistance, stability and resistance to fire, including aspects of durability.

Shorter Lead Time

A single Nest-In house can be built in just 9 days over a flat land, as compared to many months needed for making a brick and mortar house. This saves the customer worries and cost.

Earthquake & Fire resistant

The material used in the structure is steel, which is highly resistant to fire and earthquake. The wall is covered with cement bonded particle board which is fire resistant and is proven for its performance on durability for many years.

Beautiful & aesthetically very attractive

A plaster of polymer on outer walls and wall putty on inner walls make the house attractive and beautiful. Other than this, attention has been paid on the design and layout of the house, so as to give maximum comfort and space to the consumer.

Single Point Sourcing

To build a Nest-In house all you need to do is get in touch with Tata Steel’s partner near you. The partner will take complete care of procurement, labour, installation and on-time delivery, thereby taking away your worries and making the process hassle free.

Environmentally friendly and Easy to build

Nest-In is an excellent building solution which does not pollute the environment like cement and brick do. It does not need any welding, cranes or usage of water therefore making the construction pollution free and environment friendly.

Key Features

Framing System

Nest-in is made of cold rolled high strength steel sections. The structure is erected by joining these sections, using patented ‘Dipple Klick’ technology. This reduces the number of nuts and bolts needed. The steel used in making the house is recyclable.

Roofing System

The roof is made of Tata Shaktee roofing sheets, placed upon equi-distant purlins in the truss. Ample numbers of trusses are provided in case of triangular roofs and it is poised to survive high wind pressure and speed. Durashine sheets can also be used optionally.

Wall Insulation

The walls of the Nest-In structures are insulated using high quality insulation wool having a thickness of 50mm to 100mm, and density of 32kg/m3 to 48kg/m3 depending on the design. This makes the house comfortable to live in, as it reduces the heat exchange between the interior and exterior environment through walls.

Wall Panels

The walls are made of cement bonded particle board on both the external and internal sides which makes it smooth and strong. Moreover, the walls are plastered using a polymer plaster on the exteriors and high quality wall putty on the interiors. The use of polymer eliminates the need of painting the external walls and the colour remains good forever. The wall boards are fire and water resistant.

Electric Work

Electric wiring is an optional feature and can be done based on the customer’s requirement. AC and other electrical equipments like fans and lights have also been installed.

Plumbing Work

Plumbing work is another optional feature and can be done based on the customer’s requirement. It is done while the house is being constructed, by putting PVC pipes in between the boards of the walls so that they are concealed.

Layout Types

Currently we have 9 standard layouts to offer, which have various applications as a house, community centre, shop, medical centres, labour hutments, guard hut, aanganwadi, site office, cafeteria, etc

Materials Used


The steel structure is made of various ‘C’ sections Zero-Spangle Galvanised steel,joint together by using a patented ‘Dipple Klick’ technology which helps in minimal use of nuts and bolts and gives a strong and stable structure.

Cement Bonded Particle Board

The wall cladding is done using high quality cement bonded particle board, which is BIS certified. The board has a smooth texture and provides fire and water resistance, chemical stability and some sound insulation too.

Wall Insulation

Nest-In walls are filled with insulation wool which keeps the wall from transferring heat from the outside environment into the house. This keeps the house cooler and comfortable to live in.

Nuts & Bolts

The ‘C’ sections are joined using various types of nuts and bolts, at places where ‘Dipple Klick’ cannot be used. The bolts are galvanised to prevent rusting.


The walls are plastered on the exterior using polymer, which provides an excellent and long lasting exterior finish. The colour is added to the polymer at the time application and thus there is no need to paint the exterior walls separately.

Tools & Safety Equipments

Nest-In is built using specialised high quality tools. The fabricator team is fully equipped with these tools and safety equipments.The safety of the workers is also given importance to in building Nest-In.

Our Project

References and Snapshots

Trained Fabrication Team

Nest-In is built by a team of highly trained fabricators, who have good amount of experience in building Nest-In houses. This way the customer is freed from all sorts of hassles of engaging a contractor and fabricator and getting the work done through them. The team is equipped with all the necessary high-end tools and safety equipments.

The Construction Process