Tata Galvanized Plain

GP, a product from the World’s Best Steel Plant – Tata Steel’s Cold Rolling Mill. It is committed to deliver best quality in terms of superior formability, flatness, surface quality, thickness consistency and strength. It has Industrial, Agricultural, Construction and Domestic usage. It is widely accepted for making Ducts, Water Coolers, Bus Body, Electric Panels, Buckets , trunks, Ridges and so on. It is available both in spangled and non spangled zinc coating.

Tata GP Sheet / Coils
  • Thickness : 0.40mm to 2mm.
  • Width : 900 to 1250 mm.
  • Length : Coil and cut to length as per requirement.
  • TDC’s : Various Steel quality available to meet with application’s requirement and attributes.
Tata produces hot dipped galvanized coils in accordance with international standards; its coils have excellent corrosion resistance, printability and workability. The De-greasing Section helps the removal of oil and dirt by a cascaded process of hot alkaline de-greasing, cold rising, hot rising and hot air drying. Then annealing is done in an electrically heated horizontal furnace operated under a protective atmosphere with a calibrated ratio of nitrogen and hydrogen generated in a state–of–the–art automated Protective Gas Plant using ammonia and air as primary raw materials.

Hot dip galvanizing of the strip is carried out by immersing it in a zinc bath maintained at 460 degree centigrade. The chemistry of the bath is carefully controlled to ensure proper adhesion and formability of the applied zinc together with bright blemish free uniform spangles.

The galvanized coils are chromated to improve its resistance to white rust. The chromating parameters are continually monitored and sheets are regularly tested through salt-spray tests to ensure the performance of this process.
We provide galvanized plain and corrugated sheets with required length.


Applications Applications Applications Applications
Shopping Mall Airport Terminal Building Industrial Sheds Automobile Chassis & Bus Body Members
Canopies / Atrium Bridges Trusses Columns & Purlins Green House Structures
Glass Curtain Wall Frames Bus Stands Material Storage Racks Hoarding Structures
Partition Frames Sign Supporting Structures Mine Root Support System(Cogs,Props) Amusement Park & Playground Structures
Space Frames Pedestrian Walkovers (Footbridge) Palets & Pipe racks Exhibitions Stalls
Guard Rails & Staircases Sports Galleries Conveyors Gantries, Trestles Scaffoldings
  Railway Platform / FooT Over Bridges Drilling Rigs Furnitures
Features Features Features Features
Light Weight High Strength High Strength To Weight Ratio Lightweight
Flexible And Easy To Form Space More Column Free Space Cost Effective Ease Of Fabrication
Smooth Surface Finish Large & Thicker Section Ease Of Fabrication & Erection High Torsion Strength
Appealing aesthetics Ease Of Fabrication Free From Sharp Edges Minimal Painting Area
Contemporary Light Weight   Appealing Aesthetics